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We are expanding the 3W ecosystem - 17 new companies joining 3W


Currently, the 3W World consists over 130 different companies and institutions. These are business entities that focus on creating and developing modern technologies related to water, hydrogen and carbon. Their involvement in the 3W Idea gives them the opportunity to establish partnerships at various - both operational and strategic - levels.

The principle of the 3W Idea is promoting cooperation and interaction between various participants of this ecosystem: scientists, entrepreneurs and representatives of public authorities and society. Over 130 organizations from the 3W World create a community that develops, implements and applies technologies related to water, hydrogen and carbon,  having the profound significance to the future of the Polish economy.

Magdalena Sopiela, Director of the 3W community promotion and development office in the 3W Department of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, emphasizes the importance of this cooperation: “Entering the 3W World is the very beginning of a common journey. Each new company and institution joining us brings in many years of experience, innovative projects, opportunities and prospects for development. On the 3W platform, they can meet partners to share knowledge and discover new paths and ideas in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon technologies, and establish partnerships that would not exist without such ecosystems. assures Sopiela and adds “The door to the 3W World remains wide open for additional organizations that share our vision of the future. We would like to invite those who are still hesitant to the 3W Congress to be held in Warsaw on November 27-28. This is a great opportunity for networking and meeting the best experts in the field of technologies related to water, hydrogen and carbon from this part of Europe.”


Below we are presenting 17 new partners who are joining the 3W World. Among them, there are entrepreneurs offering 3W technologies and scientific institutions, associations and local government bodies:


  1. Renewablepower – a company engaged in research and production in the field of renewable energy, in particular green hydrogen
  2. Thornmann Recycling – a company manufacturing gas and hydrogen tanks. It has a large stock of recovered carbon fibre.
  3. GISS – a company specializing in satellite communications, air navigation safety and technologies supporting climate and providing access to clean water
  4. Amargo – consulting and production company focusing on water treatment and developing technologies related to sustainable development.
  5. Mistral Intelligent Energy Solutions Sp. z o. o. - a company specializing in hydrogen and energy projects.
  6. H+H Labs PSA – a modern technology company focusing on climate actions and solving the problem of access to clean water.
  7. Most – a company offering solutions in the field of water treatment.
  8. Arcadis – a company providing sustainable design, engineering, digital and consulting solutions in the field of natural and building resources.
  9. ML System - a company dealing with the distribution of innovative solutions in the field of photovoltaics, developing breakthrough technologies that are a response to the current needs of the energy transformation process - the transition from conventional to renewable energy sources.
  10. Wągrowiec Poviat - a local government unit promoting sustainable management of water resources and education
  11. Łomazy Commune - a local government unit implementing activities related to the protection and management of water resources.
  12. Agreement of Academic Centres for Technology Transfer (PACTT) - an association of representatives of scientific units dealing with intellectual property management and project commercialization
  13. Lublin Commune – local government unit supporting the development of blue-green infrastructure and zero-emission public transport
  14. Agreement of Special Purpose Companies (PSC) - an association of special purpose vehicles of 34 universities, promoting innovation and commercialization of scientific research results.
  15. Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunlnej Krasnystaw - municipal company providing water and sewage services and modernizing water catchment stations
  16. Przedsiębiorstwo Komunalne PEGIMEK – a company dealing in the production and distribution of water and the collection of municipal sewage
  17. Krakow Technology Park (KPT) – a company engaged in developing green transformation technologies and energy security, with special focus on hydrogen and carbon technologies.


You can also become part of the 3W World. Register on the 3W platform, which we created to connect entities from the world of science, business and public administration to facilitate their cooperation and implementation of projects in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon. This is a place where you will find the latest reports, data on the 3W sector, expert opinions and contact partners who will help you implement your ambitious 3W projects. Check: www.idea3w.org.

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