3W Municipality

3W – check if your local government can join the 3W idea.

Concern for social wellbeing is an important aspect of building public trust for local governments that are open to the needs of local community members. The decisions that local authorities make directly affect the quality of life of residents.  

An important role in this process is played by sustainable development projects that integrate communities, build their resolve around a common goal, develop local identity and attachment to the place. However, their implementation can be challenging. Two concepts that can help local authorities achieve these goals are the 3W Idea developed by BGK and the 6OFR model (6 areas of family role) proposed by the Generation Institute. 

3W Municipality ambassador programme

An important area of 3W’s activities is education and the exchange of experience between local governments, business and the research community. The goal of the 3W Municipality ambassador programme goes beyond mere provision of expertise to representatives of local communities. We also want the programme to create space for discussion about the shape and directions of regional development, ways of effective management of urban and rural development and creation of ever improving living conditions for residents.  

The pilot edition of the 3W Municipality ambassador programme may be entered by all local governments and municipal companies that are engaged in activities related to the protection of water resources, development of modern technologies, including low-emission transport technologies and technologies embodying the idea of sustainable development.  

15 minute city – the city of the future?

The idea of a “smart city”, according to some researchers, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and just as the world around us has changed over that time, the understanding of the concept has evolved many times over the past century.

In 1922, Croude Hinds installed the first electronically synchronised traffic lights in Houston, USA. The solution proved such a success that after just three years it was applied in all major cities in the United States. The success of this solution can be evidenced by its measurable benefits – in the city of New York, its introduction reduced the number of FTEs needed in the police traffic department from 6,000 to just 500, which translated into savings for the city of USD 12.5 million per year.