3W in the world

See where the 3W Idea has reached abroad and what activities we have implemented there.

Why 3W?

The 3W Idea is our bank’s flagship project focused on sustainable development and built around three key elements that we believe are essential for a successful future: water, hydrogen and carbon.

Why those three elements?

  • Water is of vital importance to all life and its availability is on a gradual decline. It is also an essential resource for various clean technologies – from hydro power generation, through hydrogen, to water treatment systems.
  • In turn, the importance of hydrogen has been growing as it is a clean and versatile energy carrier, with potential to ensure decarbonisation of various sectors. Its future is being made every day.
  • Carbon (understood as an element, not a source of energy) is becoming increasingly important, especially in the context of development of advanced materials, such as graphene. Such materials are used in a wide range of industries and applications, such as water treatment and engineering.


All three “W’s” that make up the 3W (standing for Polish words for water, hydrogen and carbon) are therefore key to the sector of clean technologies.
Therefore, the 3W concept is intended to support sustainable development and address environmental challenges by promoting the widespread use of the synergy of the above three resources.

The 3W concept demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainable development and our response to economic and environmental challenges. The initiative is in line with the Bank’s mission to promote sustainable development and contribute to national and international goals in such areas as energy transition and climate action. Through the 3W Idea, we intend to contribute to the global debate on clean technology and sustainable development.

3W shows our commitment to shaping the international discussion on clean technology through our participation in global forums, conferences and initiatives focused on sustainability and clean energy transition. Our efforts include exchange of knowledge, best practices and research results, and fostering collaboration and partnerships with international stakeholders. By sharing and exchanging lessons learned, experience and innovative approaches, BGK intends to contribute to the development of policies, strategies and frameworks that promote the adoption and implementation of clean technologies in Poland and around the world.