3W Municipality ambassador programme

3W Municipality ambassador programme

An important area of 3W’s activities is education and the exchange of experience between local governments, business and the research community. The goal of the 3W Municipality ambassador programme goes beyond mere provision of expertise to representatives of local communities. We also want the programme to create space for discussion about the shape and directions of regional development, ways of effective management of urban and rural development and creation of ever improving living conditions for residents. 

he pilot edition of the 3W Municipality ambassador programme may be entered by all local governments and municipal companies that are engaged in activities related to the protection of water resources, development of modern technologies, including low-emission transport technologies and technologies embodying the idea of sustainable development. 

We prepared the year-long ambassador programme in cooperation with 3W partners: SBB Energy, CMS law firm, Ścieki Polskie, Arcadis, experts from the Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer and experts from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.


Programme agenda

Kick-off of the 3W Municipality project is scheduled for 27 November 2023.

Online lectures: February–June and September–November 2024, a total of more than 40 hours of meetings with experts (8 meetings in total, with one meeting held each month).

3W Municipality topics:

  1. Green and blue infrastructure projects in local governments – legal aspects
  2. Energy transition at local governments – hydrogen solutions and low-carbon transport
  3. Financing green and blue projects  
  4. Science for local government – how and in what areas local government can cooperate with higher education institutions
  5. SG reporting in local governments
  6. Carbon footprint and water footprint in local governments
  7. How to prepare for the regulatory requirements related to water and wastewater
  8. Smart city of the future – how to implement smart solutions in local governments

We plan to start the first lectures in February 2024, and the project kick-off will take place during the 3W Congress on 27 November 2023.  

The person responsible for the organisation of the programme is Agata Sobolewska, 3W expert:agata.sobolewska@bgk.pl, 509 001 543. 

Partner organisations: