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Four New Universities Join the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovations Centre


Including the new members, the 3W IIC already has sixteen entities in its ranks - tertiary schools and the Łukasiewicz Research Network. All members are working on streamlining the process of commercialisation of innovative 3W solutions, in particular those that use the synergy of three resources.

‘Since the very beginning of operation of the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovations Centre, we have stressed that its formula is open and that new entities are welcome. I am happy that new universities from various parts of Poland have joined the 3W IIC. This shows that science understands that innovative projects greatly need the support from business and that it is necessary to commercialise them and not only keep them in the sock drawer,’ says Adam Żelezik, 3W Department Director in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The 3W Interdisciplinary Innovations Centre was set up in May 2022 with a thought of assisting scientists in commercialisation of their inventions and promoting the best technologies from the area of water, hydrogen and carbon along with the 3W idea in the academic milieu. Ultimately, the IIC will allow the scientists with similar interests to cooperate on projects outside their own organisations, as well as will efficiently assist them in reaching out to the entrepreneurs who would like to market new technologies.

In June 2022, four working groups were set up in 3W IIC, with representatives of universities that are the members of the project. The energy, environmental and logistic groups focus on the use of synergy of water, hydrogen and carbon, while the legislative group is working on the preparation of legal solutions responding to the needs of the 3W world


Adam Żelezik na posiedzeniu ICI 3W

Adam Żelezik na posiedzeniu ICI 3W

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Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Innowacji 3W

Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Innowacji 3W

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