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A world made of water, hydrogen and carbon - educational animation


Three strategic resources: water, hydrogen and carbon are not only the foundations of life on Earth, but also essential elements for the functioning of the world around us. They have always accompanied us, after all, they are 97% part of us. Taking care of water, hydrogen and carbon is actually taking care of men's future on Earth and the quality of life of the next generations. Our new animation draws attention to these aspects: 'A world made of water, hydrogen and carbon'.

In the sixth part, we focus on how 3W resources connect all generations for a sustainable future. The decisions we make every day, at every stage of our lives, can have a surprisingly large impact on the world around us and change our lives to be more "green" and sustainable.

Water, hydrogen and carbon are finding new applications in modern technologies that can solve the biggest global problems of the modern world, such as the shortage of drinking water or raw material and energy problems.

Get to know the story of little Zuzia, her brother Krzyś - a great space fan, and her sister Klara, an eco-activist, whose father instilled values related to environmental protection. As an engineer, he works on the development of hydrogen propulsion in vehicles and spacecraft. My mother, however, grows vegetables on an aquaponics farm. The family saves water and stores it in a home retention tank, and manages the resources it uses wisely, because it knows that it cannot live at the expense of future generations.

- We present to you an animation that somehow summarizes our series about the 3W world. We talk about how the 3W resources - water, hydrogen and carbon - connect all generations for a sustainable and better future. It is worth emphasizing that both this video and the previous ones have primarily an educational aspect - they provide knowledge about these key resources for everyone in an accessible way. It is also a material that supports our educational mission in schools and universities, the aim of which is to raise awareness of how important it is to care for these three resources and manage them wisely - important not only for us here and now, but also - for future generations - said Iwona Dziedzic-Gawryś, Expert in building relationships and partnerships in the 3W Department.

See for yourself how 3W connects generations in the spirit of 3W sustainable development.



3W Idea animations EN

3W Idea animations EN

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