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3W Congress: Technologies – Relationships – Future. Find out more about the 3W Congress agenda


The third edition of the 3W Congress will bring together specialists in the fields of water, hydrogen, and elemental carbon technologies, becoming one of the most important events for innovators in this part of Europe. This year, on November 27 and 28, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, and representatives from the public and financial sectors will meet in Warsaw.

The Congress has drawn a lot of interest in the past two years, bringing together over a thousand participants overall. This year’s agenda is jam-packed with insightful talks and presentations. The Congress will cover a number of topics, including the findings of the report on 3D technology and future directions for this industry. We will share inspiring projects carried out by both local governments and the private sector. We will talk about how we are pursuing our mission of creating a 3D ecosystem and about current water, hydrogen, and carbon technology trends. The potential benefits of participating in 3W projects for regional development will also be discussed with representatives of local authorities.

The key points of the agenda are listed below. The full agenda of the 3W Congress is available at www.Kongres3W.pl.

The future through the eyes of scientists

Scientists have always played an irreplaceable role in shaping the future of our world. They work to uncover mysteries and create new technologies that have the power to alter our lives and the course of human history via investigation, experimentation, and creativity. At 3W, we value scientists and want to provide them with an appropriate platform to share their insights into the future.

During this year's edition of the Congress, unique speakers will serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge about what lies ahead. Their presentations shed light on the changes that both business and society have already experienced and how scientific progress will shape the future of mankind.

Experts will introduce participants to advancements in the fields of medicine, computers, energy, quantum physics and space exploration. The topics of these speeches cover a wide range of scientific and technological aspects that are the key to understanding the future and its challenges.

3W technologies – across borders and even into space!

The latest technologies related to water, hydrogen, and elemental carbon are at the center of our interest, especially those that have Polish origins and are also used in the space industry.

We will talk about water technologies that will facilitate future improvements in the management of this vital resource, as well as efficient water utilization, retention, water purification, and promotion of sustainable water resource management.

We’ll be also focusing on international issues. We will talk with a number of foreign experts about global perspectives for the 3W idea, including the role of 3W technologies in the development of the Three Seas region and how to unleash the transnational economic potential of 3W.

The main stage of the Congress will also host the finals of Start-up Showdown, a  competition for innovative 3W start-ups. Jury members, including Artur Kurasiński, will select the most interesting projects in line with the 3W Idea and distinguish the originators of technologies that use at least one of our three resources. The deadline to submit an application for the competition is 13 November 2023. The regulations are available on the Kongres3W.pl website.

Relationships – networking in the spotlight

Contemporary events of this format go beyond traditional knowledge transfer. The 3W Congress also establishes a new standard for the networking aspect of the meeting. At the core of the event are unique meeting formats that encourage interaction.

We will kick off with the largest networking breakfast in Poland, giving participants the chance to make important connections right away. Thematic zones will help steer conversations in the directions that interest them, and on the first day, participants will get to know each other and establish relationships that can later result in specific cooperation and 3W projects.

The schedule includes open and themed speed dating sessions where you can establish a number of business contacts in a short time. The Congress will feature traditional formats like panel discussions and presentations along with innovative ones like inspiring moderated fishbowl conversations, fireside chats with Q&A sessions and workshops that encourage interaction and idea sharing between speakers and participants.

Who is the 3W Congress for?

The 3W Congress is aimed at pioneers and visionaries from around the world who aspire to stay one step ahead of the curve and develop cutting-edge technologies. This is a unique event for:

  • talented scientists and inventors who develop technologies in the field of water, hydrogen, and elemental carbon and who are looking for ways to commercialize their inventions or business applications of their solutions;
  • entrepreneurs from Poland and other countries who want to outpace the competition thanks to technological advantages and are looking for new “blue oceans”;
  • change leaders from forward-thinking non-governmental organizations that promote new, sustainable methods of creating and consuming material goods as well as concepts that encourage such changes;
  • representatives of the public sector and financial institutions who understand the advantages of creating new markets and wish to aid in the process by offering financial services and putting in place the necessary legislative frameworks;
  • ambitious students and anybody with an interest in global economic innovations that have the potential to transform the future of the world.

Mobile app

We want participants to get fully involved in our event. That’s why we’ve prepared a mobile app that will enable participants to effectively manage their schedules and choose the most interesting agenda items. With its help, you can sign up for speed dating sessions and contact the speakers who interest you.

The link to download the application will be sent to people who register for the Congress.

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Participation in the 3W Congress is paid – an admission ticket, which costs PLN 300 gross, entitles you to participate in all activities during the two-day event (networking breakfast, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, case study presentations, moderated brainstorming sessions).

The funds raised from ticket sales will be allocated by BGK to one of the initiatives indicated by Congress participants. Each participant will be able to vote in the Congress application for a project they want to support.