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Świat 3W_sierpien 2023

New companies, new opportunities. Eleven new organizations join the 3W World


The 3W initiative was launched in 2021. Its goal is to support the socio-economic development of Poland by strengthening and facilitating cooperation between the scientific community and business and administration organisations. It is based on the belief that technologies related to the three resources - water, hydrogen and elemental carbon - are of key importance for the future of the entire world.

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, thirty scientific units and technical universities from all over Poland plus over 100 organizations from around the world - from competitive start-ups to international corporations such as Toyota, Orange and Veolia - are involved in the creation and development of the 3W Idea.

We are looking for connections and cooperation opportunities that will help provide new practical solutions. At BGK, we believe that integration is the key to success: we bring together the best specialists from various fields to create both a friendly environment for innovation and favourable legal conditions for their implementation in the 3W World” Maciej Przybyła, Managing Director of the BGK Strategy Division, said.


Water is a precious resource that we must take care of

In the era of increasing demand for clean water, the protection of its resources is one of the most urgent goals of climate policy. Four new organizations in the 3W ecosystem that operate in the field of water technologies are aware of this. Organic Water, with the support of the National Centre for Research and Development, has developed a technology for wastewater management in the production of fruit juice concentrates.

The GWE POL-BUD company focuses on developing modern solutions in the field of water resources management, and Fundacja w Klimacie  works on raising social awareness in the field of environmental protection and sustainable use of water resources. In turn, the Agency for supporting Environmental Protection is an expert company that supports mayors and commune heads in their activities aimed at real improvement in the natural environment of communes.


Hydrogen - the energy of the future

Hydrogen can be used as a raw material, fuel and energy carrier and storage medium. Its versatility and low or even zero emission properties make it one of the key elements of the energy sector transformation.

Three more companies focused on hydrogen have just joined the 3W ecosystem. One of them is Simple H2. It may revolutionize the world by patenting an electrolyser that produces pure hydrogen from water. The by-product is oxygen, which is used in various industrial sectors and in medicine. One of Polish companies - Sante - discovered the potential and antioxidant properties of hydrogen and opened one of the first hydrogen spas in Europe. Health promoting, therapeutic and anti-aging properties are the three main reasons why hydrogen is becoming increasingly popular in the SPA industry. The company is also involved in the latest scientific research on hydrogen.

Biproraf focuses on the design, supervision and construction of installations and facilities for the oil, petrochemical, chemical and gas industries. Now it has expanded its activities with pro-environmental technological solutions related – among others - to hydrogen. Biproraf is a member of the Hydrogen and Clean Carbon Technologies Cluster, whose task is to initiate actions to increase the importance of hydrogen and clean energy technologies in Poland.

The works of the Central Office of Measures are aimed at guaranteeing the measurement capabilities necessary for the sustainable development of the economy and ensuring an appropriate level of the quality of life of the society. It also initiates activities for the development of the hydrogen economy, incl. legal aspects of metrology.


Modern technologies

Many scientists claim that the future of the economy and the technological revolution will belong to allotropes of carbon. No wonder that more and more organizations are watching the development of research on their use very closely. The Centre for Molecular and Macromolecular Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences conducts researches in the field of organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and chemistry and physics of polymers.

The works on a non-woven fabric modified with carbon nanotubes as a potential hydrogen storage medium in fuel cells, paramagnetic nanographene and membranes and polymer adsorbents designed to remove pollutants from water are particularly close to the interest area of 3W Idea. In turn, H2O-CHEMICAL Ltd implements an innovative industrial washing project called H2Ozone, which is based on water ozonation technology using waste heat. Its goal is a significant reduction in energy, chemicals and water consumption. The Phoenix Surowce company, specializing in the design and construction of advanced machines, technologies and robotization, has also joined Idea 3W. The company is developing its own chemical processes to modify surfaces of materials and plans to invest in the production of nanomaterials for advanced thermal insulation.

The 3W ecosystem continues to expand. Its members are all committed to the development of water, hydrogen and carbon technologies. This is not the end of joint activities with business - the door to the 3W World is open to other organizations.


Świat 3W_sierpien 2023

Świat 3W_sierpien 2023

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New companies new opportunities

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