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3W ecosystem keeps growing – 11 new organisations join to the 3W World


The new entities to implement projects related to water, hydrogen and carbon together with BGK are: Central Mining Institute, PROTIUM P.S.A, J.T.C. Inc., Świętokrzyska Dolina Wodorowa, Green Box Energy Inc., H2PV S.A., Hartimex Ltd, Schwander Polska, AMII Ltd, Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii and Bytom Municipal Enterprise.

The world is changing, and bold decisions require bold solutions. Since the very beginning, the 3W Idea has been focused on an ecosystem promoting cooperation. This is the key to success, and today it is difficult to imagine introducing any groundbreaking changes without it today. The 3W initiative has been already joined by over one hundred organizations active in the areas of water, hydrogen and carbon. I am so glad to see more and more Partners becoming aware of the potential of cooperation and willing to introduce innovations in the economic environment, change consumer habits and build business partnerships together with other companies from the 3W area” Magdalena Sopiela, Manager of the 3W community Promotion and Development Team at the  3W Department of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego said.

The Central Mining Institute, offering expertise in the field of mining technologies, is one of the leading research institutes in Europe, delivering a wide range of services to various industries, government and local government institutions, and foreign partners. Their participation in the 3W initiative will contribute to the development of an innovative solution that allows low-energy extraction of hydrogen from water using industrial waste.

PROTIUM specializes in the development of hydrogen technologies. The main goal of the company is elaboration and implementation of solutions for obtaining hydrogen from cupola furnace slag, a by-product of waste incineration in municipal plants. The company is consistently focused on hydrogen technologies.

The J.T.C. company is offering professional advisory services in the field of optimal use of technologies for hydrogen production and development of solutions for the management of surplus energy from renewable energy sources. It is constantly expanding its activities and developing competences in the field of designing and implementing "ecologically clean" projects using hydrogen.

Świętokrzyska Dolina Wodorowa brings together enterprises and institutes from the hydrogen sector, and is focused on increasing the importance of innovative hydrogen technologies aimed at decarbonizing the local industry, improving energy efficiency, implementing the principles of the Polish and European hydrogen strategy, and jointly striving for a low and zero-emission economy.

Another organization is Green Box Energy, which deals with the development of energy technologies, especially in the field of renewable energy. It focuses on stabilizing energy systems, optimizing energy consumption and adapting to the recommendations of the European Commission regarding the development of renewable energy sources.

H2PV, a new member of the 3W initiative, focuses on research and implementation of technologies related to renewable energy sources and the development of photovoltaic technologies using hydrogen. The company develops hydrogen production systems using electrolysis processes to utilize energy surpluses from the production of energy from photovoltaic cells.

The core activity of the Hartimex company is the automation of technological processes, for example in the water and sewage industry. The company prepares comprehensive designs of technological systems for water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. It has its own biological wastewater treatment plant.

Schwander Polska is a Polish leader in modern wastewater treatment technologies with many years of experience. The company designs and builds sewage treatment plants in the MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) technology and hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) systems.

AMII is a manufacturer of water filters. Thanks to its own R&D department, it designs and implements new products and solutions in the field of water filtration. The company has implemented a technology that allows for greater water filtration and is working on the production and effectiveness of new composite materials for water purification based on graphene.

Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii brings together enterprises and institutions working on the development of effective distribution of generated energy and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. The cluster promotes innovation in the field of energy generation, distribution, balancing and storage and managing the demand for electricity, heating and cooling. The cooperation directly translates into reduced energy costs, development of new energy sources and increased public awareness of pro-ecological attitudes.

Bytom Municipal Enterprise also joined the 3W initiative, contributing its experience in water and sewage management. It operates in the field of collective water supply and collective sewage disposal. The Company's activity is of strategic importance for the Bytom commune and its inhabitants. It implements ecological and renewable energy solutions, takes care about using energy-saving devices and the rational use of water resources.

The new partners of the 3W initiative are going to develop the 3W idea and initiate expert projects together with BGK. Their commitment must contribute to the further growth of the 3W business ecosystem by promoting modern technologies, sustainable development and efficient resource management.


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swiat 3w lipiec

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3W ecosystem keeps growing – 11 new organisations join to the 3W World

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