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Business Potential of 3W Initiative Continues to Grow. Eleven New Organisations Join 3W World


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego expands cooperation in the 3W initiative: water, hydrogen and carbon. Eleven organisations join the 3W world: Art. Strefa, Cema, Deltima, Dolnośląska Zielona Dolina Sp z o.o. (Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences), Formaster, Frako Term, Klaster Wodorowy im. Braci Łaszczyńskich, NaiadWaterInvestments, PGWiR S.A. Jastrzębie Zdrój, SIEJESIE and Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA. All the organisations will cooperate with BGK, promote the 3W idea and initiate joint expert projects.

The 3W initiative continues to develop and grow. Over seventy organisations active in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon have joined our eco-system. This shows the immense potential of the 3W sector. We will act jointly to make the Polish economy more innovative and competitive, while the door to the 3W world is still open - said Adam Żelezik, Director of 3W Department in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.   

Water: Our Shared Interest

Despite the Earth being predominantly composed of water, paradoxically it is a scarce resource. Fresh water only makes up approx. 3% of the global resources. That is why it is vital to manage it in a sustainable way. Five organisations that share this view have just joined the 3W universe. Art. Strefa offers solutions in the realm of protection and revitalisation of water in inland reservoirs that are unique in the scale of Europe. The goal is to reduce the concentration of phosphorus, nitrogen and heavy metals and to improve the quality of water. Formaster S.A. is a company with over 30 years of experience, owner of the Dafi trademark, which offers filtering jugs and bottles and flow filters.

Experts from NaiadWaterInvestments are also aware that water is the petroleum of the 21st century. It is a start-up combining artificial intelligence and block-chain technology to the broadly understood water market (blue market) and precision agriculture. In turn, Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Wodnej i Rekultywacji S.A. not only delivers water for industrial purposes and agricultural irrigation, but also desalts it and produces high quality evaporated salt with NaCl content on the level of 99.4%.

The experts from SIEJESIE found an answer to the global problems with food production. The R&D SIEJESIE centre is the first research centre in Poland to implement an innovative project of multi-layer plant farming with the use of LED modules with liquid cooling. It is a highly efficient process of vertical hydroponic farming of lettuce and herbs in a building isolated from the environment.

Hydrogen: Closer and Closer...

Focusing on hydrogen, we stand a chance of being included in the technological avant-garde and designing solutions that will support low-emission economy in Poland and around the world. Three companies that deal with hydrogen have just joined the 3W universe. The first is Frako Term, which conducts research and implementation work on sourcing new, efficient and ecological technologies for production, storage, processing and use of energy. The company specialises in designing, preparing and producing devices that operate in the conditions of high and ultra-high vacuum, as well as support equipment that operates in cryogenic temperatures. Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA develops energy-independent, zero emission aggregate mines, produces ecological fertilisers and has own means of transportation relying on green hydrogen. Centralny Klaster Wodorowy im. Braci Łaszyńskich, set up in 2021, is an association of signatories that create an open forum of cooperation for entities from the Świętokrzyskie area. They act jointly to develop zero emission energy sources and to produce green hydrogen.

Synergy Has Many Names

Since the very beginning of the 3W initiative, we have been showing the exceptional inter-dependence of water, hydrogen and carbon. Synergy of resources, but also of potentials, is confirmed by the signatories of letters of intent. Dolnośląska Zielona Dolina (University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław) is a company that created the programme titled ‘Zielona Dolina Żywności i Zdrowia.’ It conducts research and development work in the area of smart agriculture, accounting for the energy from renewable sources, circular economy and innovative forms of water use. Przedsiębiorstwo Modernizacji Obiektów Przemysłowych “Cema” brings together specialists in alternative fuel management and procuring energy resources from them. In turn, the biological sewage treatment plant based on the so-called ‘GPI biological transporter” i.e. polybiocenosis and the hydrogen energy storage where the structure of a photovoltaic link was used are some of the technologies pursued by Deltima.

The 3W business eco-system is still under construction. The 3W idea supports development of modern technologies in the area of water, hydrogen and modern carbon technologies, as well as sustainable development. Already over seventy organisations from diverse sectors have joined the initiative of BGK, among others Toyota Central Europe.