Second 3W Congress. Two days under the 3W mark in Warsaw | recap

The second 3W Congress is behind us. For two days, on 7 and 8 December, we held discussions about water, hydrogen and carbon in a group of several hundred people. Three event stages, panels, keynotes, fire side chats, discussions in the lobby and our special guest, Tim Marshall. We also presented a new report on the 3W sector. Please read the summary.

14 December 2022

On these two December days, Crowne Plaza Warsaw became a meeting place and a discussion venue for experts, scientists, lecturers, economists, representatives of business, media, local governments and a number of others.

This was a true celebration of 3W: we organised 15 thematic panels, had 3 lecture rooms and almost 100 speakers. The inspiring discussions, keynotes and lectures brought together an audience of almost 500 persons and attracted 35 editorial offices.

The event was opened by Krzysztof Kubów, Secretary of State and Head of the Political Office of the President of the Council of Ministers, who read the letter of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The President of the Council of Minister noted that the current edition of the Congress is held in the shadow of the war and economic crisis; we are also experiencing the aftermath of the pandemic, while investments in new technologies can guarantee stability and safety of the country.

‘Even though we were late for the earlier technological revolutions, we are now ready to use the potential embedded in the technologies relying on the resources of the future: water, non-energy carbon and hydrogen,’ wrote Mateusz Morawiecki in the letter.

Report On the 3W Sector

One of the most important events was première of the 3W report ‘Water, Hydrogen and Carbon: Resources That Have Built and Are Changing the World.’ In the report, we compiled data about the 3W sector, which confirmed the actual potential of this branch of economy. We devoted a lot of attention to the synergy of resources, which has been pivotal since the beginning of the initiative. In the study, we can read how the 3W idea will influence the quality of life of the society, how it will help solve the problems, among them the reduced resources of potable water, the necessity of energy transformation or the physical security in the times of unstable geo-political situation. Full report is available here: .

Geo-politics: Starting Point

The special guest at this year’s edition of the Congress was Tim Marshall - expert for geo-politics and author of the book ‘Prisoners of Geography.’ This is an issue of particular social importance which has been raised since the beginning of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. The special guest delivered a lecture on the impact of the countries’ location on the map of the world on their position and briefly referred to three resources.

We need new technologies. Human ingenuity and brilliance lead to a vision of a better future, while the fact that the 3W conference is taking place here confirms that Poland wishes to make use of its advantage. You have experts who understand this potential,’ said Tim Marshall.

Three Resources, Several Voices

A presentation of scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology about synergy of water, hydrogen and carbon nano-technologies was held on the main stage, where the representatives of the world of science showed how their environments create 3W innovations. We also gave the floor to the entrepreneurs without whom - as emphasised by the President of the Management Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka - the Polish economy and the newest technologies would not have developed - and due to this, they are particularly close to the 3W initiative. There was also space for start-ups, the representatives of which described the positive impact on sustainable development.

We talked a lot about water, to which two thematic panels were devoted: ‘Droughts, Floods and Pollution: Key Challenges for the Polish Water Management’ and ‘Can New Technologies Make Sure That We Will Have Enough Water?’ Together with our experts we were searching for an answer to the question whether Poland stands a chance for becoming a hydrogen leader and we consistently fought with the myth of coal in the panel titled ‘Carbon vs. Coal: Disrupting the Myths About Coal.’ There were also expert opinions which referred to the issue of financing research and development activities or legislative changes needed by the 3W area and how to communicate in order to convince people to lead ecological life.

On the second day, we made sure to offer the floor to the young generation. The panel ‘Potential of Water, Hydrogen and Carbon Technology in the Eyes of the Young’ was hosted by Maciej Kawecki. We also took a look at the role of the local governments. We met with their representatives a number of times in the course of 2022 during workshops. We invited some of them to talk about their projects which form a part of the 3W idea. Among others, they talked about housing estates of passive buildings supplied with renewable energy sources, setting up hydrogen communes and ways for ensuring the greatest energy independence on the local level. The representatives of local governments also had an opportunity of taking part in workshops on public presentations which crowned the Congress and attracted a large audience.


The Second 3W Congress was the meeting place of all milieus with which we have been cooperating since the beginning of the initiative: representatives of business, science, state administration, as well as representatives of legislative institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Thank you for your numerous presence, active participation in discussion panels and conversations in the lobby. We are convinced that at the next edition of the event, we will meet in an even greater group, which will join the construction of the 3W world: the world which would not have come into being without the engagement of all persons present at this exceptional conference. See you at the third 3W Congress in 2023!

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