2nd 3W Congress - three resources, one planet, shared responsibility

On December 7-8, 2022, the 2nd 3W Congress will take place in Warsaw. We will discuss the opportunities offered by innovative 3D technologies in a group of several hundred people: talented scientists, brave entrepreneurs, visionary NGOs, ambitious students and responsible representatives of the public sector and financial institutions. The special guest will be Tim Marshall - author of the book "Prisoners of Geography".

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28 November 2022

The 2nd 3W Congress is a subsequent event of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego within the 3W initiative, which integrates representatives of many environemnts, including the world of science, business and the public sector. During the 1st Congress, which took place during the Vision for Development Forum in Gdynia in August 2021, we initiated a debate on Idea3W as the future of sustainable economy.

The 3D concept is an opportunity to increase competitiveness. An economy based on water, hydrogen and carbon is a breakthrough that awaits us in the near future”, argued Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, president of BGK and initiator of the 3W Idea, in Gdynia.

Already then, we invited representatives of Polish science, business and administration to cooperate. “One of the tasks facing us is to build bridges between these environments. We want to combine science with business and develop joint know-how with entrepreneurs in regard to the use of hydrogen, water and non-energy use of carbon, and thus build an independent and strong economic position of our country”, added the President of BGK.

More than a year after the 1st Congress, we will talk in Warsaw about how we implement the mission of building a 3D ecosystem, how the 3D sector is developing, what challenges it faces, and in what direction technological trends related to water, hydrogen and carbon are developing.

Light motive of the year - geopolitics

It cannot be denied that geopolitics was the light motive of this year. In connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the consequences of this attack, we have clearly realized how great an impact it can have on our daily lives. It will also be an important point of reference at the 2nd 3W Congress.

The event will open with a speech by a special guest, Tim Marshall. The British writer and journalist who specializes in foreign affairs and international diplomacy is the author of the book entitled "Prisoners of Geography, or Everything You Wanted to Know About Global Politics." We will also focus on the issue of our security in the current situation beyond our eastern border and talk with specialists about the idea of 3D as a response to geopolitical changes during our discussion panel.

Three resources, one planet, shared responsibility

One of the highlights of the first day will be the presentation of the 3W report entitled "Water, hydrogen, carbon: Resources that have built  and are changing the world." The study includes e.g. the synergy of 3D industrial applications and a description of the near future, where 3D technologies are part of our everyday life. We will also illustrate the interdependence of three resources on the example of a unique project of Polish scientists, being developed at the Warsaw University of Technology. We will talk to representatives of the 3W Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation, and we will give the floor to business representatives to discuss the subject of sustainable development.

Two discussion panels will be devoted to water alone: ​​"Droughts, floods and pollution - key challenges for Polish water policy" and "Can new technologies ensure that we do not run out of water?". The speakers will also talk about the fuel of the future and look for answers to the question of whether Poland has a chance to become a hydrogen giant. We are also consistently disenchanting carbon, which will be the hero of the "Carbon vs. coal – or destroying the myths about carbon”.

The 2nd 3D Congress will also feature expert opinions on the issues of financing research and development or legislative changes, and what legal regulations the 3D area needs. The talks will also focus on our vision of the role of local governments in regard to the 3D initiative.

3D touches many areas of our functioning, which is why there must be a discussion about who a 3D person is and how soon our lifestyle may change.

The event will also be a meeting place for the young generation - the panel "The potential of water, hydrogen and carbon technologies through the eyes of young people", which we have planned especially for them, will be led by Maciej Kawecki - president of the Lem Institute, vice-provost for innovation at the Warsaw School of Banking and former director of the Data Management department at the Ministry of Digitization. The Congress will close with meetings of the 3W Council and the 3W Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation, and public speaking workshops.

3W yesterday and today

Since 2021, the 3W Idea has been integrating and combining the potentials of many environments. We are developing cooperation with Polish companies that operate in the areas of water, hydrogen and carbon, and dozens of business partners have already joined the 3D world. On our initiative, in cooperation with the Łukasiewicz Research Network and leading Polish universities, the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Centre was established, which supports scientists in the commercialization of their technology. We also established the 3D Council, whose members from the world of business, science and politics agreed to act as 3D ambassadors and build an ecosystem to be unprecedented on a global scale.

The 2nd 3D Congress will be an excellent opportunity to summarize the effects of cooperation within the initiative so far, discuss current challenges in the 3D sector, and express thanks to our partners for their commitment.

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