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BGK expands cooperation with Business. Eight new Organisations join the 3W Initiative


All new organisations are active in the areas of water, hydrogen, modern carbon technologies and sustainable development. Their representatives are going to combine efforts with BGK to promote the 3W idea, support each other in the implementation of projects related to the three resources with pivotal meaning for Poland’s sustainable development.

I am happy that more organisations see the potential of cooperation that is developed as part of the 3W initiative. Already twenty entities that operate in at least one of the three areas: water, hydrogen and carbon have decided to join the 3W world. This is the best confirmation for the justness of our vision of sustainable future, the foundations of which comprise exchange of knowledge and experiences of multiple entities, from the world of business, science and administration,’ said Maciej Przybyła, Managing Director for the Division of Strategy and Business Support in Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

Hydrogen Look Into the Future

The organisations that are represented in the 3W world most numerously are involved in hydrogen technology. AVL designs alternative drive systems and systems related to electro-mobility. The organisation also designs computers that are used to control and manage the work of voltage converters used in vehicles with hydrogen drives. Another signatory of the letter of intent is Polska Grupa Wodorowa, which supports and develops entrepreneurship related to the hydrogen industry and protection of the natural environment. In turn, the operation of EcoEnergyH2 is aimed at setting up, in one place, of a complex of hydrogen power as part of a business project that prepares and implements the technological chain of hydrogen generation, among others on the basis of sea water (reversed osmosis and electrolysis). Another company that also decided to join the 3W initiative has also noted the power of synergy of this element with water: NDI Energy operates in a new area for the 3W world - infrastructural development. It builds high, medium and low voltage gas grids, water supply and sewage lines with comprehensive development of accompanying infrastructure.

Three Resources, Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Development

The entities that have recently joined the 3W initiative wish to cooperate with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego not only in areas related to these three resources, but also in the dimensions that focus on renewable energy sources and sustainable development. Instytut Technologii Bezpieczeństwa Moratex develops composite technologies based on carbon sources, eco-design and re-design. It plans not only to implement but also to rely on recycled materials. In turn, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji from Leszno (Leszno Waterworks) delivers water to the society and other recipients, as well as discharges and utilises sewage and takes care of proper maintenance, conservation and renovation of water supply and sewage discharge devices. The last one from this group of organisations, COMPREMUM S.A., operates in four segments: residential, office, industrial and infrastructural development, electric power and renewable energy sources, railway industry and woodwork.

Reinforced Competitive Edge of Enterprises

The 3W world is also open to the organisations whose core business is different, but which can efficiently support the water, hydrogen and carbon environment of the 3W initiative. One of them is Fundacja Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości which engages in cooperation on sustainable business development. Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości reinforces competence and competitive edge of organisations and supports their transformation in the direction of industry of the future. Its main goals include development of personnel competence and business eco-system that is made up of Polish production companies. Cooperation with this organisation will focus exclusively on promoting innovative technologies in industry.


Construction of the 3W business eco-system that supports the growth of modern technologies based on water, hydrogen and carbon is ongoing. Already twenty new entities have joined the 3W initiative, including the hydrogen giant, Toyota Central Europe.


The 3W idea of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego focuses on three key resources that are the foundation of life on earth: water, hydrogen and carbon (3W). 3W supports the world of science, business and administration in the development of modern technologies that are applied in industry, energy industry and medicine. Its aim is to build and integrate a community of talented scientists, ambitious students, bold entrepreneurs, visionary non-governmental organisations and responsible representatives of the public sector, financial institutions and to activate the society.