3W Idea at Poland’s first hackathon on water management issues

On 6-7 November 2021, participants in Aquathon - a hackathon dedicated to water management issues - took part in the 3W Idea challenge prepared by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Volunteers were challenged to design a daily plan of a person from the future whose lifestyle fits into the 3W Idea.

08 November 2021

The 3W Idea: Water - Hydrogen - Carbon, is an initiative of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to support the world of science and business in the development of modern technologies applied in industry, power engineering and medicine. The 3W Idea is to build and integrate a community of talented scientists, ambitious students, courageous entrepreneurs, visionary NGOs and responsible representatives of the public sector, financial institutions and to activate society.

The 3W Idea challenge during the Aquathon was taken up by people who wanted to share their ideas not only for innovative methods of water management or increasing retention, but also for the modern application of hydrogen and carbon technologies to support changes in everyday consumer habits.

Prepared by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the challenge consisted in designing the daily plan of a person from the future whose lifestyle fits in with the 3W Idea. Participants had 24 hours to showcase their creative ideas for 3W technologies and solutions that would be used on a daily basis by the people of the future.

Monika Pietrzak, project leader at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, introduced the participants to the world of 3W. She talked about why water, hydrogen and carbon are so important for sustainable development. In addition, the volunteers took part in an educational session with experts - Jacek Zalewski from Retencja.pl, Piotr Maksyś from the Pomeranian Hydrogen Technology Cluster and Paweł Smoleń from Smart Nanotechnologies.

The jury awarded the main prize to the Elysis team. The authors of the winning idea - Kamil Wójcik and Jakub Mnich - designed a daily plan of a person from the future who enjoys their own vegetables grown on an aquaponic farm every day, lubricates their face with nanotube creams and monitors their physiological parameters with graphene nanosensors. They drive a hydrogen-battery car or take a hydrogen bus to work and check their carbon footprint on an app in real time. The 3W world of the future also included modern water electrolysis factories, perovskite façades and energy-efficient graphene electronics.

3W is water, without which there would be no life, hydrogen, which is the future of energy, and carbon, which has an increasing number of innovative applications. Participants in the 3W Idea challenge brilliantly captured its meaning and showed how it could be put into practice in the future. Another opportunity to duel creativity will be at the HackYeah hackathon in December, where we have prepared new challenges for participants. Details will be announced soon.

In developing their ideas, Aquathon participants were able to use information from the report “3W Idea. Development Perspectives”, prepared by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego team. The document broadly describes not only the problems faced by Poland and the world in terms of access to clean water, but also the examples of promising technologies in the area of water resources management. The report can be downloaded free of charge from idea3w.org.

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