Naukowcy i jednostki naukowe

1. Domestic funds – support funds sourced directly from the state budget, local government units and state-operated special purpose funds. The characteristic of domestic funds is that they are obliged to carry out their activities only in accordance with national legislation

  • National Centre for Research and Development – an executive agency of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy. The NCRD is a vital centre for supporting and creating innovative technological and social solutions and it builds an ecosystem of knowledge and information about them. It initiates and implements projects that contribute to the civilisational development of the country.

Competitions organised by the NCRD – the programmes support R&D work in research and industrial consortia and projects pursued by early-stage researchers (e.g. Leader, NEON).

  • National Science Centre – an executive agency of the Ministry of Education and Science. The NSC supports basic research by funding provided through competitions of research projects and activities.

Competitions organised by the NSC – programmes supporting research projects pursued by researchers at various stages of their research career (e.g. PRELUDIUM, SONATA, MAESTRO).

  • Ministry of Education and Research 


Competitions organised by the Ministry of Education and Research – support for educational and development projects for research units and units promoting research activities.  

2. European Structural Funds – funds that improve the competitiveness of economies of EU Member States. The funds are earmarked only for a specific region/state, and the operator is the relevant Member State. The rules for the use of the funds are defined by a relevant legal act, which defines the rules for the implementation of programmes under the cohesion policy, in short referred to as the Implementation Act.

  • Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) - a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit institution whose mission is to support science. It constitutes Poland’s largest non-budget source of science financing.

Competitions organised by the FNP – programmes supporting research projects pursued by researchers at various stages of their research career, research units, consortia including international entities and entrepreneurs (e.g. TEAM-NET, PRIME, International Research Agencies).

3. European Commission’s funding – funds to the benefit of, directly or indirectly, all citizens of the European Union as well as many people living in other parts of the world. Depending on the competition, any EU citizen can become a beneficiary of the programmes. The operators are the EU’s central authorities. When using the funds, both national and Community laws must be observed.

  • Horizon Europe programme - the largest research and innovation programme in the history of the Union. Over 7 years (2021–2027), a total of EUR 95.5 billion will be allocated to innovative research and solutions.

HE competitions – support for research, investment and infrastructure projects promoting Europe’s technological progress and environmental protection (e.g. ERC grants, thematic partnerships, research missions). Projects are intended primarily for researchers and international consortia of research and industrial entities.