“3W Idea for secondary schools” – 3W IIC educational programme

At the beginning of October, the pilot educational programme “3W Idea for secondary schools” began, as part of which experts from higher education institutions that are members of the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Centre will share knowledge with students and teachers on the three key resources of the future: water, hydrogen and carbon. The training courses will be held in 10 secondary schools across Poland.


3W Idea for students

During the meetings, experts from the 3W IIC will present the characteristics and applications of water, hydrogen and carbon to students. Among other things, they will talk about water-related technologies and solutions enabling water retention, desalination and treatment that will allow us to avoid a water crisis in the future. They will also explain the process of water electrolysis, which produces so-called green, or emission-free hydrogen, which is a clean and safe source of energy.

Finally, they will discuss how to use carbon, which is the element of life, to produce lighter and more durable engineering materials such as graphene, fullerenes and nanotubes. Carbon is increasingly used in innovative industries, including in construction, pharmacology, electronics and space industry.

The training courses will end with a knowledge quiz on water, hydrogen and carbon. Top performers will receive prizes.

The pilot project “3W Idea for secondary schools” will be participated by about 1,000 students from 10 secondary schools in Poland, with the training provided by experts from the 3W IIC. The goal of the programme is both to provide students with knowledge on 3W resources and to raise awareness of their strategic importance for Poland’s development.

The project is implemented by BGK in cooperation with the 3W IIC.