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The 3D world is officially home to more than 120 organizations


Collaboration with the business world is an important element of 3W’s activities. According to a 2022 report, 3W is a rapidly growing branch of the economy. Its value in Poland currently stands at USD 4.86 billion, and in Europe, it is USD 66.49 billion.

The essence of the 3W concept is to promote collaboration and foster greater interaction among all stakeholders in the 3W ecosystem, including scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, and members of society. With over 120 organizations now a part of the 3W world, partnerships have been formed at both the operational and strategic levels. This shows how unified and synergistic the 3W community is. Their shared objective is to advance technologies related to water, hydrogen, and carbon, which are essential for the Polish economy's future.

Magdalena Sopiela, head of the office for the promotion and development of the 3W community at the 3W Department of BGK, emphasized that where science, business and administration join forces, there is a real opportunity to shape our future – Every new company and institution that brings its experience and knowledge becomes an invaluable asset in creating innovative solutions. Partnerships promote technological advancement and build an innovation ecosystem that is needed for the future of the economy. The fact that in just 1.5 years we have gathered more than 120 entities in the 3D world ready to collaborate is a huge accomplishment. This lets us improve our standing on the global stage.

Twelve more organizations joined the 3W ecosystem in September. These include foundations and businesses that specialize in hydrogen production, water resources management and transportation. These new partners bring with them diverse perspectives.


  1. Małopolska Center for Innovative Technologies for Hydrogen Storage and Transport specializes in composite solutions for hydrogen storage and transport­­ while promoting Małopolska's innovation in this field.
  2. Alseva Pro expands its activities to include the hydrogen aspect and develops innovative solutions, such as green hydrogen production and advancements in the storage and distribution of hydrogen as an ecological fuel.
  3. Meitill Solutions supports the energy transformation by engaging in the development of effective and ecological solutions, including hydrogen technologies, with a wealth of experience in scientific projects and cutting-edge technologies,.
  4. Wodociągi Płockie is a water supplier that plays an important role in managing this valuable resource, educating about its importance for both the environment and society.
  5. The Foundation for Polish Science whose grants and scholarships serve as a source of funding for science and support for the nation's top young researchers, offering crucial assistance in the context of innovation development and scientific research.
  6. Polish Chamber of Electromobility Development focuses on building real electromobility, utilizing expertise and connections with producers of infrastructure and electric vehicles.
  7. Metropolitan Transport Company promotes sustainable transport, which is important in the context of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and environmental protection. 
  8. CMS Poland is a law firm specializing in renewable energy and environmental protection law, plays an important role in achieving the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection. 
  9. DIP IT Solution develops hydrogen and energy storage technologies as well as contributes to the production of clean energy, which is crucial for the future of the energy industry.
  10. FarmTech fits into the concept of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection by promoting regenerative agriculture and water management on farms. 
  11. Terra Nostra Foundation certifies farms that are managed in a regenerative way, supports regenerative agriculture, taking into account the principles of organic carbon sequestration and biodiversity preservation.
  12. The municipality of Michałowo is implementing a project the aim of which is to preserve valuable natural resources in the area of the Siemianówka Reservoir. At the same time, it is modernizing the water treatment and sewage treatment plants to ensure access to clean drinking water to all local residents. The authorities want to prevent excessive use of water resources in this region, ensuring the sustainable circulation of this valuable raw material.


Our shared journey is just getting started as the 3D ecosystem continues to develop dynamically. The pursuit of innovative solutions in the fields of water, hydrogen and carbon technologies serves as a constant driver for new collaborations and initiatives. The door to the 3D world remains wide open for more organizations that share our vision of the future.


And if your company or you are involved in water, hydrogen, or carbon-related activities, write to us and join our community: 3W@bgk.pl.