Nineteen New Entities Join 3W Initiative

The 3W business eco-system continues to grow. Nineteen new organisations have joined the initiative. Seven are related to water, nine to hydrogen, two to coal and one is involved in synergic use of the resources of the future. The new entities joined several dozen other companies and institutions which, together with BGK, are building a technological hub in Poland thanks to which Polish economy is becoming more and more innovative.

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20 December 2022

Since April, sixty organisations have joined the 3W world. Nineteen new ones, which together with BGK will implement projects related to water, hydrogen and carbon and projects from synergic areas, are:

ADJ Nanotechnology, Advanced Graphene Products, AS Produkt, Aquaseen, Eska Internet, Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies Foundation (Fundacja Polski Klaster Technologii Kompozytowych), Lublin Municipality (Gmina Lublin), Grupa Maspex, New Material and Technology Institute (Instytut Nowych Materiałów i Technologii), National Food Group (Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza), Podlasie Regional Development Foundation (Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego), Promet Plast, PUT DEMPOL-ECO, SES Hydrogen, Września Green Energy Cluster Association (Stowarzyszenie Wrzesiński Klaster Zielonej Energii), TESGAS, WOFIL, Sława Waterworks (Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sława) and Zgorzelec RES Development Cluster (Zgorzelecki Klaster Rozwoju RES).

‘Today, the 3W world that we started to build in April has several dozen organisations. I am happy that more companies are joining us which use the synergy of water, hydrogen and carbon. Our partners are the initiators and representatives of a truly competitive and modern economy,’ said Adam Żelezik, 3W Department Director in BGK.

Water: Clean and Treated

Protection of water resources offers a broad range of possibilities and one of the key tasks is the treatment of water. Such processes are prepared by: ADJ Nanotechnology, Aquaseen, AS Produkt, PUT DEMPOL-ECO and Sława Waterworks. Also the Maspex Group is investing in waste treatment. In turn, Wofil develops a technology for ozonation and designs installations which make use of the technology of degassed highly ozonoted water.

More and More Popular Hydrogen

Hydrogen enjoys interest or many companies that join the 3W world. Eska Internet is planning to design and execute a commercial model of an electrolyser and a hydrogen link for general use. TEGAS, similarly to SES Hydrogen, focuses on building technical infrastructure for the use of green hydrogen. The Września Green Energy Cluster Association implements a production technology of hydrogen from RES, while the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation initiates hydrogen solutions in agriculture. Other companies engaged in the development of this element in Poland are: the Zgorzelec RES Development Cluster and Promet Plast - Ecological Oława Cluster, as well as the National Food Industry Group (Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza), which produces hydrogen from molasses and the Lublin Municipality which focuses on hydrogen transport.

Advantages of Carbon

The companies from the 3W world build a new image of carbon. This exceptional and rich element is the basis of the best and most innovative technologies. Advanced Graphene Products combines world-unique, patented methods for producing various forms of graphene with a possibility of their practical applications intended for industry. The company is cooperating with the European Cosmic Agency and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies Foundation brings together approx. 100 entities which develop technologies related to the production of composite elements for 3W solutions.

Joint Operation of Resources

Water, hydrogen and carbon are the resources of life, which greatly affect one another and make use of their potential. This synergy is the basis of operation of the last of the organisations whose representatives signed the letter of intent: New Material and Technology Institute. Efficient water electrolysis is commonly believed to be a way for the accumulation of excess energy, which may be produced by some renewable sources, such as photovoltaic installations. This excess could supply the process of electrolysis in the course of which hydrogen is produced.

The 3W team is cooperating with several dozen entrepreneurs and popularises the 3W idea. All of them are united by their commitment to developing new water, hydrogen and carbon technologies. This is not the end of joint activities with business: the doors to the 3W world stand open for new organisations.

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