365 days of the 3W Idea. How do we build the world of water, hydrogen, and carbon?

It has been a year since we announced the 3W Idea. We engage the public, we cooperate with Polish entrepreneurs and scientists, we established the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center (3W IIC) and the expert 3W Council. We have had a few successes, a few projects in progress, and a lot of plans for the future. We would like to share with you a summary of 365 days with the initiative thanks to which we have looked at the Polish economy anew - from the angle of water, hydrogen, and carbon.

01 September 2022

In August 2021, at the 1st 3W Congress, which took place during the Vision for Development Forum, we talked about water, hydrogen, and carbon as the three resources of life, and we started activities that strengthen the competitiveness of Polish enterprises and help to use 3W resources efficiently. We brought the 3W Idea to life and started to build social awareness of the consequences of our everyday consumer choices.

We invited representatives of many communities: the worlds of science, business, and administration to take part in the initiative. – One of the tasks we face is building bridges between these communities. We want to combine science with business and develop with entrepreneurs joint know-how related to the use of hydrogen, water, and non-energy use of carbon, and thus build an independent and strong economic position of our country – said Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, president of BGK and initiator of the 3W Idea.

Subsequent activities in the 3W initiative proved that we had not made empty promises.

In October, we published the “3W Idea. Development perspectives” report. It answers the question why these three resources: water, hydrogen, and carbon are so important for the sustainable development of our country and the world. It also describes what technologies in the area of 3W may soon change the reality around us.

We also conducted several consultations in the following regions: in Olsztyn, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Kraków, and Poznań. We wanted to hear from representatives of local governments and voluntary sector and business organisations what problems they are facing and how the 3W Idea can respond to their needs.

12 letters of intent in 12 months

Today, the 3W Idea is a whole ecosystem: twelve organisations from the world of business, including Toyota Central Europe, 12 scientific entities, including the Łukasiewicz Research Network, experts in the 3W Council, and a committed community.

Cooperation with the business world was obvious to us from the very beginning. We knew that 3W is not a dream, but a real sector of the economy that is growing rapidly. Over the last year, we have signed 12 letters of intent with Polish companies and organisations that operate in the field of water, hydrogen, and non-energy carbon. The world of 3W has been joined by one of the first serial manufacturers of hydrogen-powered cars – Toyota Central Europe, as well as Food4Future Technologies, Ścieki Polskie, Nanoseen, WTT, Smart Nanotechnologies, AQT Water, Stowarzyszenie Instytut Edukacji Środowiskowej, Torpol Oil&Gas, W2H2, Panamint, and Nanonet.

- At Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, we saw the potential of three key resources: water, hydrogen, and carbon. We started by consolidating the environment and reaching out to potential stakeholders with the message that we are ready - figuratively speaking - to bring projects in the area of 3W under our umbrella. We have sealed our common goals with business representatives by signing letters of intent – said Adam Żelezik, director of the BGK Strategic Initiatives Office.

The cooperation focuses on disseminating the 3W Idea, and our expert teams collaborate, exchange knowledge, initiate activities in organisations and institutions related to water, hydrogen, and carbon technologies, as well as prepare studies and reports on these resources.

If you are interested in what a 3W business does and how it makes money – we invite you to watch the video we shot in cooperation with the representatives of the first five companies in the world of 3W.

3W IIC - science supports business, business supports science

In the world of 3W, we appreciate the role of scientists - Poland has enormous intellectual potential, and business needs new technologies and innovations. That is why we wanted to bring together these two key communities: scientists and entrepreneurs. And so, during this year’s Impact, we announced a project in which we involved 11 leading technical colleges and universities, as well as the Łukasiewicz Research Network – the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center. The 3W IIC was created on our initiative and in our initiative. Thanks to it we will improve the process of commercialisation of innovative solutions in the area of water, hydrogen, and carbon.

- Common areas that combine these solutions – e.g. water with carbon – will be particularly important. Entities interested in commercialisation of inventions from the 3W sector will be able to additionally apply to the Center for relational support in search of partners for commercialisation, as well as in obtaining funds. All these activities will have an impact on the marketisation of many projects that previously had no possibility of doing so – announced Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka during a press conference in May 2022.

In the 3W IIC, we will, among others, create study and training programs related to 3W, as well as support scientists in searching for financial partners and financial resources for the development of their projects. In addition, we pilot and review 3W projects and provide support in the form of legal consultations. Four working groups: energy, environmental, logistics, and legislative and legal ones have already started operating.

Experts advise, that is, the 3W Council

In June, the 3W Council was established; its members from the world of business, science, and politics agreed to build a 3W ecosystem with us.

- The 3W Idea has reached the next stage. After the first entrepreneurs have joined the initiative, after we have established the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center, now is the time for further actions. The 3W Council will include experts in sustainable development, innovation, chemistry, physics, and cooperation between the world of science and business. Their knowledge and experience will provide directions for the 3W initiative and promote it in the society – said Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, chairman of the 3W Council. 

The 3W Council was also joined by:

  • Jadwiga Emilewicz - Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development
  • Piotr Dardziński, PhD - president of the Łukasiewicz Research Network
  • Krzysztof Meissner - physicist and populariser of science

The members of the Council are ambassadors of the 3W Idea, especially in their communities. They also support the development of initiatives - provide opinions on the directions of social and economic development in the area of water, hydrogen, and modern carbon technologies, and suggest directions of activities, also in the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center.

We code in the 3W style

When we were building the 3W ecosystem, we knew that educating the public would be equally important. We took part in Hack Yeah and Aquathon hackathons, where programming enthusiasts were looking for innovative solutions. These events turned out to be an incubator of talents that produce non-obvious ideas. We decided to use some of them, and this is how an animation was created; it shows what a human life will look like in a dozen or so years - in what way our three resources will be present in the life of a 3W human.

Hydrogen cooperation in Mazovia

Where the cooperation is - there is also 3W. Therefore, we could not miss the opening of the Masovian Hydrogen Valley in Płock, which was created to produce hydrogen and use it, among others, in transport, energy, municipal services, and agriculture. We were among the signatories of the founding act, and we were represented by the Vice-President of the Management Board, Włodzimierz Kocon, and director of the Strategic Initiatives Office, Adam Żelezik. It was another step to make Poland one of the leaders in the production of green, emission-free hydrogen.


When we started the 3W Idea, we knew that our goals were ambitious and that a lot of work awaited us. When we got down to the summaries, we couldn’t believe that we had managed to do so much in just a year. It certainly wouldn’t have been possible without your support and help.

Thank you for accompanying us for the last 12 months. The 3W Idea is no longer just a project, but also a lifestyle. We believe that you will continue this journey with us.

As for us, we are proud, but we do not rest on our laurels and continue to work. Adam Żelezik announced that the door to the world of 3W is still open for business - we are waiting for more companies related to our resources. In 3W IIC, we are starting to operate in working groups, and the experts whom we expect to join the 3W Council will throw at us (and 3W IIC) new challenges. In December, we are planning to host the 3W Congress - many experts and substantive panels on water, hydrogen, and carbon, inspiring discussions, exchange of experience, and meetings of different communities: science, business, and administration, which we successfully bring together.

If you want to stay in touch - feel free to join our communities. Our monthly newsletter will keep you updated on what’s new with us and the 3W in Poland and abroad. You can sign up here. You can also follow us on social media.

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