The 3W world is gaining power – BGK has signed another 6 letters of intent

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is expanding its cooperation as part of the 3W initiative: water, hydrogen and carbon. Another six entities join the 3W world: AQT Water, Nanonet Foundation, Institute of Environmental Education Association, Torpol Oil&Gas, W2H2 and Panamint. All organizations operate in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon. They will cooperate with BGK, popularize the 3W idea and initiate joint expert projects.

Świat 3W rośnie w siłę
01 August 2022

Another six entities are joining the 3W ecosystem: AQT Water, Nanonet Foundation, Institute of Environmental Education Association, Torpol Oil&Gas, W2H2 and Panamint.

The organizations will cooperate with BGK within expert teams which will:

  • popularize the 3W idea,
  • exchange knowledge,
  • initiate activities within organizations and institutions related to water, hydrogen and carbon,

  • prepare studies and reports pertaining to those resources.

Cooperation and connecting environments is, in our opinion, the key to success. We share objectives related to the 3W sector with all entities, we see an opportunity for the Polish economy and the generations to come in three resources: water, hydrogen and non-thermal carbon. That is why we have signed more letters of intent, we will be acting together, whereas the door to the 3W world is still open, said Adam Żelezik, Director of the Office for Strategic Initiatives at BGK.

Water challenges

Recently, drought has been the most commonly discussed topic within the context of water. It is good to remember about available resources, in particular their quality. Knowledge on this topic will be popularized by one of the signatories to letters of intent – the Institute of Environmental Education Association, whose activities are focused on protecting the environment, particularly waters. The Institute also offers legal and research support to local governments and enterprises which operate in the area of liquid waste. Another of the entities, which has joined the 3W world, AQT Water, specializes in waste treatment. The company provides technological solutions and products in the field of wastewater treatment, surface waters and secondary use of rainwater.

Hydrogen propels cooperation

Hydrogen is a crucial element within the context of energy transformation, which is why many large companies are interested in it, i.a. Torpol Oil&Gas, a new hydrogen partner to the 3W idea which designs and produces technological installations. The company also builds hydrogen installations and actively participates in the development of such technologies. Another signatory, W2H2, is working on an innovative method of extracting hydrogen from pyrolytic gas. The company develops technologies related to the pyrolysis of industrial or municipal waste – pyrolysis is a degradation process, which is activated in high temperature, without oxygen and other purposefully added reagents. Apart from that, W2H2 works on reducing and cleaning pyrolytic gas from heavy carbohydrates and carbon particles. The company also plans to design and make a commercial model of a reactor for pyrolysis of industrial and municipal waste.

The carbon of the future

Non-thermal carbon used i.a. in nanotechnologies is the subject of research conducted by another signatory to the letter of intent – Nanonet Foundation. It popularizes science and integrates the environment of people who deal with nanotechnology. It is on its initiative that the Silesian Nano Cluster was established, which gathers local and regional entities as well as promotes and facilitates the development of this field of science. Another partner to the 3W idea, Panamint, also shows many other applications of carbon – it develops carbon-based technologies, i.a. graphene, graphite or nanotubes. The company specializes in solutions for the production of conductive inks and sensors which measure the contamination of water and air.

We keep building a business 3W ecosystem, which supports the development of state-of-the-art technologies revolving around the three key resources. Five companies have already joined the 3W initiative. These are: Food4Future Technologies, Nanoseen, Smart Nanotechnologies, Ścieki Polskie and WTT. In June, the letter of intent for cooperation in the area of 3W with BGK was signed by Toyota Central Europe, the joint activities with which will be focused on hydrogen.

Świat 3W rośnie w siłę – BGK podpisał 6 kolejnych listów intencyjnych | Informacja prasowa
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The 3W world is gainig power The 3W world is gainig power
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