Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Toyota sign a letter of intent under the 3W initiative

Toyota Central Europe has joined the group of business partners of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego as part of the 3W initiative focused on water, hydrogen, and carbon. Toyota and BGK declare joint activities to popularize the 3W Idea - among others, by exchanging knowledge and supporting the activities of the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center.

Toyota - BGK
04 July 2022

The 3W Idea was put forward in 2021 by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The initiative builds and integrates the community, including scientists, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the public sector. It creates an innovative sector of the economy that combines water, hydrogen, and carbon to form a coherent socio-economic ecosystem. In April, it was joined by five Polish companies, and now also Toyota Central Europe - one of the first serial producers of hydrogen-powered cars - joins the 3W world.

- With Toyota we share common values related to sustainable development and the belief that climate change requires investments in modern and renewable energy sources - including hydrogen. I am glad that the 3W initiative of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and the group of 3W companies is joined by Toyota - a partner with whom we will jointly initiate activities for the development of hydrogen infrastructure and a friendly legal environment in this area - said Adam Żelezik, director of the BGK Strategic Initiatives Bureau.

Hydrogen above all

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Toyota noticed the potential of cooperation in the field of disseminating the 3W Idea and declared their willingness to cooperate, mainly in the topic of using hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Expert teams of both entities will popularize knowledge about its use in transport and the role it plays in the energy transformation process. The scope of cooperation will also include initiating and coordinating activities that will affect the development of hydrogen infrastructure and a friendly legal environment for it.

The transformation and diversification of energy sources as well as building energy security are today’s challenges. Hydrogen technologies can play a leading role in these processes. Toyota’s strategy of introducing clean hydrogen-powered zero-emission transport to the market responds to these challenges and is in line with the objectives of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy. The partnership with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego creates opportunities for integrated and effective action for achieving these objectives - said Cezary Kaczmarczyk - Regional Director of TCE.

Knowledge exchange and support

The signatories are also to support the activities of the 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center established in May by BGK, the Łukasiewicz Research Network, and the leading Polish universities. The Center was established to facilitate the commercialization process of solutions in the area of water, hydrogen, and carbon, as well as to strengthen cooperation between science and business. BGK and Toyota experts intend to prepare materials, studies, and reports related to 3W and useful for the activities of the 3W IIC.

An important element of joint activity will also be the creation of a friendly ecosystem that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge - it will allow for the development of personnel and education in the field of sustainable use of the three resources and the interdependence between them. Both entities also want to gain support for innovative projects that address the responsible use of water, hydrogen, and modern carbon technologies in the automotive and transport industries.

Toyota is the world’s largest manufacturer of low-emission hybrid cars and is committed to sustainable development. In 2015, Toyota announced the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 strategy, which addresses key global issues related to environmental and climate protection. Low-emission and zero-emission motorization is one of the main means to this end. Toyota is one of the first serial producers of hydrogen-powered cars and sees hydrogen technologies as an essential element in decarbonizing the economy.

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