It’s not a dream, but our better tomorrow – the 3W Idea at the Poland360 webinar

We recently showed you our animated vision of a 3W future - admittedly without skateboards that levitate and shoelaces that tie themselves - but with a vision of a better life with our participation. Aquaponic farms, intelligent water purification or hydrogen cars sound much more exciting! Today we are back with a webinar in which we prove together with experts from the fields of water, hydrogen and carbon that solutions from the animation are within reach. The online meeting was hosted by Łukasz Szelecki and Adam Żelezik from BGK’s Strategic Initiatives Office, who talked about what the 3W Idea is and how it can affect our lives.

18 February 2022

The starting point for the discussion was the “Man in a 3W World” animation and reflections on what human life might look like in a decade or so. What will the man of the future be guided by and pay attention to? Is a world in which we rationally use what the Earth gives us even possible? The animation paints us a beautiful picture of the future - fresh vegetables and fish from a home garden, sustainable transport, intelligent water purification and energy storage. Sounds like science-fiction? Listen to what our guests had to say about it!

Water, the source of life

Jakub Mnich, co-author of the script for our animation, a PhD student at the Department of Field Theory, Electronic Systems and Optoelectronics at the Wrocław University of Technology and electronics specialist at Water Science Technologist, talked about water. He stressed that the emergence of aquaponic farms for domestic use is really only a matter of time. What we should address first are water retention and treatment systems. He also told us what he is currently working on at WSTI and when we can expect the first prototypes. We cannot wait for the ideas he is currently working on to bring us closer to the life of a 3W man!


Hydrogen, the fuel of the future

The next part of the meeting was devoted to hydrogen. Grey, green or blue, hydrogen is conjugated in all cases. Experts from the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) - Professor Tomasz Gackowski, Director of the Office of Analyses and Strategies, and Szymon Płoński, Expert from the Office of Analyses and Strategies at the IDA, talked, among other things, about where to find the energy to extract hydrogen and what other elements it will replace. Where, beyond automotive and energy, will we use hydrogen in the future and are we facing a hydrogen revolution or evolution? If you are curious about the answers, we invite you to listen to the webinar.


Disenchanting carbon

The meeting with experts was closed by Professor Łukasz Kaczmarek, Director of the Institute of Materials Engineering of the Technical University of Łódź, who disenchanted carbon. A black rock? Absolutely not! Carbon is nanotubes, graphene, fullerenes and even... diamonds, which is what women love most! The Professor argued that without this third ‘W’ (in Polish carbon means “węgiel”), the previous two do not exist - here he pointed to the graphene water purification system. The expert pointed out the wide application of carbon in medicine and health prevention - thanks to nanosensors we will be able, among other things, to observe pathogens - and also drew attention to its role in... environmental protection! Because carbon is not as scary as it is painted...


The inspiring discussion was summed up by Adam Żelezik, Director of BGK’s Strategic Initiatives Office, who had not the slightest doubt that the 3W Idea will become more and more widely known. He also outlined plans for this year: in March we will meet at the Economic Congress of Polish Students in London, where we are sponsoring a prize for the most interesting start-up from the 3W area. Ahead of us is also the World Forum in Davos, where we will present the 3W Idea to a wider audience for the first time. We believe it will generate interest and fruitful discussion!

The webinar was organised by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego in cooperation with the portal, which unites Poles scattered around the world. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the webinar, you can do it [here] - we warmly invite you!

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