How do people live in a 3W world? - See the animation that shows our better tomorrow

The 3W Idea is a way to move towards a zero-carbon economy by using modern water, hydrogen and carbon technologies. These three valuable resources, which have always been around, will change not only the economy but also people’s lives in the future. What might a sustainable future in the spirit of 3W look like? See the BGK animation “Man in a 3W world”.

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09 February 2022

What will human life be like in a decade or so? What will guide them, what will they pay attention to and what tools will they use on a daily basis? These are questions that trouble not only authors of science-fiction novels. Although the predictions of the iconic “Back to the Future” did not come true and the time machine still remains a dream, the future is undoubtedly innovative. The animation “Man in a 3W World”, which was prepared by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, shows a vision of a better tomorrow with our participation.

Who is a man in a 3W world?

The man in the “3W world” rarely goes shopping - after all, they have their own fresh vegetables and fish straight from their own aquaponics farm. They know that water is a precious resource, which is why they use an intelligent water purification system that uses up to 10 times less water every day. They use the water from their small retention system to water their lawn, thus caring not only for their plants but also for the environment. They save energy, using a hybrid hydrogen-battery storage unit that collects excess energy from solar panels. They drive a hydrogen-battery car or a hydrogen bus to work. This way they reduce CO2 emissions and check the carbon footprint in real time on an app. And although it may seem like science fiction, some of these solutions can already be implemented today.

The animation shows that a better future is possible. What seemed to us until recently to be a song of the future is already happening. Our homes will soon be equipped with graphene devices, modern filters, carbon coatings or sensors measuring physiological parameters. And although initially the scale will be smaller than in the animation, we believe that this is a good beginning of changes towards the “3W world”, said Adam Żelezik, Director of the Strategic Initiatives Office at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The animation is the result of a collaboration with the winners of the Aquathon, a hackathon which addressed water management issues. They have created a vision of a better tomorrow, a sustainable future where we use natural resources rationally.

There is no Planet B, so we don’t have a retreat. We see the negative effects of global climate change and we know that development cannot be at the expense of future generations. That is why it is so important to change the way we use natural resources, especially three of them: water, hydrogen and carbon. The vision of the future and living in the spirit of the 3W Idea is less distant than we might think,” added Adam Żelezik.

Participants in the Aquathon were asked to design the daily plan of a person from the future whose lifestyle fits into the 3W Idea. The competition jury assessed the creativity and practicality of solutions in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon technology. The main prize was awarded to the Elysis team of Kamil Wójcik and Jakub Mnich from the Water Science Technology Institute in Wrocław. To work on the project, they drew on their professional experience in hydrogen technologies and the development of concepts for new energy systems.

“The theme of the challenge we took on was technological change in everyday life in line with the 3W Idea: water-hydrogen-carbon. We have included in this plan nanobots that continuously monitor our health or self-sufficient households,” said Kamil Wójcik, a specialist in electrochemistry at the Water Science Technology Institute (WSTI).

Modern technological solutions and the 3W Idea must enter our everyday life for good in order to make it more sustainable,” added Jakub Mnich, a PhD student at the Department of Field Theory, Electronic Systems and Optoelectronics at the Wrocław University of Technology, electronics specialist at the Water Science Technology Institute (WSTI).

Today, together, we can ensure a better common tomorrow. The changes that await us are mainly linked to the transformation of the economy towards zero carbon. The 3W Idea responds to this challenge, it is a vision of a future where we responsibly manage the resources we have at our disposal and where we can “create” a better place to live for future generations.

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