3W Idea during the Congress of the Future in Olsztyn

On 18 November this year, during the Congress of the Future in Olsztyn, a 3W workshop was held on the strategic resources of the future - water, hydrogen and carbon. The workshop was organised by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego - the initiator of the 3W Idea.

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19 November 2021

The meeting was attended by local government officials, scientists and business representatives. They talked about the most interesting projects implemented in Warmia and Mazury in the field of water resources management, energy transition using hydrogen and modern technologies based on carbon molecules.

The Congress of the Future is another event at which we present the 3W Idea - said Adam Żelezik, Director of the Strategic Initiatives Bureau at BGK, summing up the meeting - During the workshops, a line of understanding between three areas - local government, entrepreneurs and the world of science - was drawn. These are environments that intermingle naturally. Through such meetings, we create a platform for them to freely exchange views and create a 3W ecosystem to develop projects that are important for the future of our country.

The mayor of Orzysz, Zbigniew Włodkowski, considered the meeting to be fruitful and pointed out that issues related to water, hydrogen and coal are already determining the future of our children and our region. Orzysz has the ambition to become a park city. The mayor gave examples of ideas on how the message of the 3W Idea can be implemented locally - We want to reduce the number of cars in the city, organise a system of paths to get to all places by bike, plant more trees. We are also switching to green energy to offset CO2 in the city.

In the coming years and decades, we will face changes related to the transformation of the economy towards zero carbon. Scientists who also participated in the 3W workshop are key contributors to this change. Representatives from the world of science shared their knowledge about, among other things, the future of green hydrogen, which is obtained from renewable energy sources, and the concept of extracting it from agriculture. They also talked about an innovative solution for using polymers to treat and protect district heating networks to minimise water losses.

Summing up the workshop, Anna Bułło, Director of Warmińsko-Mazurskie Region at BGK, pointed out that the 3W Idea was naturally adopted by Warmia and Mazury, which have their own smart specialisations. - One of them is water economy, which perfectly matches the 3W Idea. We do not want to develop at the expense of future generations. We want to leave the resources we have – beautiful forests and lakes – to future generations.

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