BGK at Impact’21: we will develop the 3W initiative

The conference participants followed the “3W Path” with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, i.e. lectures and meetings related to water, hydrogen and carbon. The free report “The 3W Idea. Development Perspectives” prepared by BGK’s team also premiered here.

28 October 2021

One of the leading themes of BGK’s presence at the event was the 3W water-hydrogen-carbon idea. These are strategic resources that have an increasing influence on the direction of society and the economy.

Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, President of BGK, talked about the role of the 3W idea and why BGK initiated it. The initiation of activities around the 3W idea is the result of a careful observation of the surrounding reality. We have just announced BGK’s new strategy, under which the bank will continue to pursue its mission, as defined by its founders nearly a century ago. However, we have made a significant adjustment in this mission and are focusing on the sustainable socio-economic development of the country,” explained President Daszyńska-Muzyczka.

The 3W idea itself is approximated in the report “The 3W Idea. Development prospects”. The document is an overview of technologies in the area of water, hydrogen and carbon. In the study, the authors discuss, among other things, the challenges of water retention and purification, review the most interesting directions of development of hydrogen and carbon technologies in Poland and worldwide. It also includes expert opinions from the 3W areas. The report can be downloaded free of charge from

3W. Resources of life. From concept to implementation

The 3W thematic track was launched by BGK President Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka. During her speech, she pointed to specific activities that are planned as part of the 3W idea. These include construction, integration and activation of the community involved in the project. It is also the creation of a whole 3W ecosystem in Poland, which will connect and support the world of science and business in the development of modern technologies used in industry, power engineering and medicine.

As the BGK President said, in all activities, it will be important to develop social capital and strengthen consumer awareness and attitudes, which are important for the development of the 3W sector. One of the visible outcomes of the work will be studies and reports on the 3W that will bring together know-how and tools for even better knowledge exchange between people and institutions. In this way, she stressed, BGK will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the entire Polish economy.”

During the conference, to disseminate the 3W idea, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego organised a workshop for representatives of TSU. In the course of the discussions, local government officials mentioned numerous activities in the 3W area that they are already conducting or intend to initiate in the near future. Discussants unanimously stressed the great need for cooperation and clustering around a single integrator.

The guests confirmed that the idea of 3W is extremely valuable. In their view, it can solve obstacles to daily and strategic operations and will help consolidate the water-hydrogen-carbon community. Certainly, the impact of educational activities carried out by BGK within the framework of the 3W will also be considerable.

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