BGK signatory to the Polish Hydrogen Agreement

The President of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, signed the Polish Hydrogen Agreement. BGK’s accession to the Agreement is in line with the new strategy, which places emphasis on the implementation of projects supporting sustainable social and economic development of Poland. It also confirms the Bank’s commitment to the demands of the 3W initiative recently announced by BGK.

porozumienie wodorowe
14 October 2021

The Polish Hydrogen Agreement is the result of cooperation between public administration, representatives of business and science. It identifies needs, barriers
of development and social expectations related to the implementation of the hydrogen economy in Poland. The authors of the Agreement have also prepared proposals for actions necessary to create a project-friendly market and institutional-legal environment.

The Agreement is a key implementation instrument of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040. It constitutes a response to global challenges related to counteracting the effects of climate change and proposes a number of solutions inscribed in the transformation of the Polish energy sector.

The implementation of the Agreement will also enable the involvement of national funds provided by the public sector and the participation in new projects by the partners
from the private sector with the support of European and international funds.

3W Initiative

The signing of the Hydrogen Agreement is in line with the “3W: Water, Hydrogen, Carbon” initiative launched by BGK. Within its framework, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego will work to strengthen cooperation between scientists, administration and entrepreneurs who implement projects in the area of responsible water resources management, hydrogen technologies and innovative carbon materials.

The 3W initiative also aims to build social capital and strengthen consumer awareness and attitudes to foster the development of the 3W sector. In this way, BGK joins the process of creating an innovative economic sector, based on a model unprecedented anywhere in the world that combines Water-Hydrogen-Carbon into a coherent socio-economic ecosystem.

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