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Scieki Polskie is a Poznań-based science and technology company that conducts research on the circulation of liquid waste and the activities of sanitation companies. During the research, a number of conclusions were collected, which allowed the company, as the first in Poland, to introduce a fully computerized flow of information about sewage delivered from areas where there is no sewage system. On February 1st 2022, the Institute of Environmental Education started its activity, which provides educational and advisory support to local governments and water supply and sewerage companies.

Nanoseen is an innovative nanotechnology start-up organization. Their mission is to provide all the people unlimited access to clean and drinkable water by delivering new solutions that doesn’t need energy supply. 

WTT creates new solutions that develop technologies in the waste management and power industry. The original ZEWE technology reduces the waste and recovers hydrogen molecules at the same time. It’s a profitable and ecological way to capture products’ full value by purifying and repurposing it for industrial use 

Smart Nanotechnologies is a company that develops nanotechnology solutions with chemical and biotechnological background. They work on innovative products based on active silver nanocomplexes that provide an effective antibacterial protection. Moreover, the company produces various types of nanopowders, nanocolloides and carbon nanocomposites.

Food4Future Technologies is a start-up which specializes in modern food production that stands for circular economy philosophy. They create new farming technologies, which deliver pesticide and antibiotic-free food and reduce water consumption

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