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Retencja.pl creates easy-to-use digital tools for rainwater management, combining modern knowledge, services and IT solutions.

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Ampere Life


Ampere Life is a start-up creating new products for the transport sector to reduce pollution. Their goal is to promote RES solutions for transportation. Ampere Life is a technology disruptor and integrator, that wants to tackle the global issue of CO2 emissions by developing products that reduce pollution from transport and energy generation.

Cost-efficient carbon fiber wheel manufactured in serial production scale. Fibratech is a company that develops mass production method for ultralight composite wheel brand. Our aim is to provide the automotive market with cost efficient solution to reduce the general wheel mass, which will result in fuel and energy savings.

The NeptHyne project aims to manufacture hydrogen within the premises of the offshore wind farm. The idea was created and is developed by Mr Tomasz Pelc, Nexus Consulatns, member of Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies.

On one hand, this provides the opportunity to store and process excess energy which cannot be collected by the KSE On the other, it provides the opportunity for supplying servicing ships (including but not limited to CTV crew transfer vessels), which must deliver the maintenance workers performing the planned servicing work daily for the offshore wind farm. An important element of the NeptHyne project is the need to develop all the technology and processes for desalinating seawater and chemically adapting it to produce hydrogen.

Kross is a Polish bicycle brand that offers not only two-wheeler models, but also bicycle components and accessories, sportswear, and a mobile warranty service. During 30 years of activity, Kross has transformed from a small shop based in Przasnysz into a leading bicycle manufacturer in Europe. Kross is one of the few companies in Europe that produces carbon bicycle frames. Total production in the 2018 season amounted to 275 thousand. bicycles.

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